Strategic Human Capital Management is the most powerful lever for innovation and growth in today’s knowledge economy.

In fact, corporate market value is increasingly defined as the sum of human intangibles — ranging from the public perception of a company’s intellectual capacity, to its perceived ability to create new solutions, enter new markets and respond to change.

In this strategic environment, talent acquisition, empowerment and innovation are moving to center stage, and a new business-driven, human capital specialization is forming to create and execute strategies that drive growth, profitability and value creation.


Develop and execute a Talent Strategy will increase your confidence that the people, the experience, the skills you need to execute successfully your business strategy will be in place when you need them.

Typical Business Benefits :
An increased revenue thanks to a higher “people readiness”
A “top performers” higher retention rate
A higher employee engagement level
A stronger attractiveness on the labor market

Typical Human Resource Benefits
An HR Leader “at the table” as a trusted strategic advisor to the executive team
An HR Strategy communicated to all thru a Balanced Scorecard with objectives, targets, responsibilities, initiatives and funding
An HR strategy cascaded vertically down to the operational levels and horizontally to the various units, functions, regions
Key contributors (organizations as well as individuals) engaged around the HR strategic objectives
HR Strategic Reviews in place sharing difficulties and good practices and adjusting the strategy